Five examples of wish granters leading the way on lifestyle success stories

While wealth was once measured by an outward showcasing of luxury fashion or material goods, the contemporary affluent are increasingly demanding unique ‘money is no object’ luxury lifestyle experiences instead.

Wish Granters

From attempting to have your name written into immortality in a Harry Potter novel, riding a Harley with Bruce Springsteen or walking out onto the field in the Olympics Opening Ceremony, here are some of the lifestyle success stories being delivered by the world’s wish granting concierge services.

Cloud Bursting

At one time, calling upon Zeus would have been the only way to ensure a clear sky on your wedding day.

But when a client of Insignia Lifestyle Boutique sent a rain-free guarantee request, the lifestyle concierge decided to take the matter out of the hands of the gods and into their own.

Enlisting the help of highly specialised meteorologists and pilots, they arranged for light aircraft to sprinkle silver particles above the clouds causing them to burst and vanish in time for the ceremony.

The Quintessential Hermès Birkin

A Birkin Bag collector in Borneo commissioned Rare and Unique, a specialist in the procurement of ultra-rare premium luxury brand handbags, to source and purchase an Amethyst Shiny Crocodile Skin Birkin for them.

The limited edition bag ordinarily carries a five-year waiting list, however, reaching out to an exclusive network of suppliers, which Rare and Unique have cultivated in their years working within the luxury handbag industry, Rare and Unique were able to deliver the $50,000 prized asset to one extremely satisfied customer within a matter of days.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?

In November 2013, a UK based concierge company was briefed on reserving Juliet’s Balcony in Verona for a lavish wedding ceremony. The stunning landmark veranda was immortalised by Shakespeare in his legendary play about the ill-fated star-crossed lovers.

A Single Malt Signed by the British PM

When one lucky punter won a single malt whisky at an Action Medical Research charity auction, they sourced their lifestyle management provider to have the bottle signed by none other than British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Happy to oblige, Mr Cameron hinted that he was partial to a drop of single malt himself, although Doom Bar, a cask beer made in Cornwall remained a personal favourite.

Organ Lessons in Notre Dame

To celebrate his daughter’s 18th birthday, a Russian oligarch arranged for his daughter to have an organ master class session at the Notre Dame Cathedral with limousine transfer.

In the world of the wealthy, living life to its fullest potential is taking on a whole new meaning.


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