Revolutionising the way we shape the world

There has recently been a revelatory campaign by the humanitarian group Invisible Children focused upon Joseph Kony. Invisible Children not only want to shine a light on the alleged terrorism and abuses committed by Kony, they want to make him a household name, in fact, they want to make him famous. On the surface, it sounds like a bizarre notion – making a man responsible for murder, abduction, mutilation and rape, the most famous person in the world.

Revolutionising the way

The thinking behind the campaign is that by putting Joseph Kony on the lips of citizens around the world, such a wide berth of public pressure will force the government into stopping this man, ending his tyranny and bringing him to justice. George Clooney mirrored the incentive in a recent interview “I’d like indicted war criminals to share the same level of celebrity as me. That is our objective”.

The video documenting the plight of Kony’s victims, in particular, one Ugandan escapee called Jacob, has been an unprecedented success having gone viral around the world and been supported by celebrities including Juliette Lewis and Zooey Deschanel. It goes a long way to demonstrating how global communication over the internet is shaping and improving the world we live in and the power that the public have to force through the changes they want to see.

I too have taken a huge amount of inspiration and influence from Invisible Children and I am happy to support them develop the strategies that hold the potential to revolutionising the way we shape our future.


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